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Basically, Magic Pen is also known as an Invisible ink pen. And this pen is a really fun and energizing to utilize. Cause there are numerous energizing approaches to astound companions and family. You can send mystery messages to your loved ones utilizing fixings that can discover lying around the house. there is a wide range of arrangements that you can use as ink and significantly more choices for how to uncover the message. Any fluid that is marginally acidic can utilize as undetectable ink. With a smidgen of warmth, you can uncover the majority of the mysteries!

Determinations of Magic Pen

1. Drawing can vanish independent from anyone else. Violet, pink and white hues advertised.

2. Markings vanish in 2-14 days for violet, 1-7days for pink, and 1-4days for white

3. Kearing erasers are utilized for quick deleting or revising the markers of violet or pink markers. Plain water and steaming likewise are moment erasers for air erasable markers. The white markers can without much of a stretch be eradicated by pressing.

4. Water-based ink(non-lethal) with 2 years’ rack, never drain/diffuse when stamping on textures.

The extent of use of Magic Pen:

Effortlessly compose on the material, paper, and cowhide and so on. Generally utilized for workmanship and form plan, craftsmanship, weaving, and home works.

Considerations of Using Magic Pen

1. The ink-expelling time essentially relies on various materials and environments like temperature and stickiness, and so on.

2. The white ink pen just utilized on dim shading materials, and ink shading needs a couple of moments to turn out unmistakably in the wake of checking.

3. Not changeless ink! Try not to utilize this pen to sign documents/records which for quite a while keeping reason!

4. If you don’t mind test with a bit of waste fabric before utilize.


Keep stock in cool, open and dry conditions!


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