photo of foil leather ( Black Mamba )

Foil Leather: Black Mamba

Black Mamba print foil leather is one of very popular item all over the world. This exotic type foil leather use in ladies item such as shoes, hand bags, skirt and many more. Send us inquiry for best price.

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What is Foil Leather:

Basically, foil leather is a blend of leather and foil together. As we know that natural leather has its own structure and strength. And we give it various colors, looks, and shades to make a variation with them. Generally, they are using as Stylish Jackets, Bags, Belts and luxurious accessories. As days pass off and the modern technologies are highly dominating the whole industries. So, as in leather industry. Especially, when foil leather introduces to the industry. And now differents this leather is using for on luxury jackets, bags, and accessories.

Types of Foil Leather:

There are a lot of manufacturers around the world who are producing them widely. A wide number of prints are available in this criteria. here are few names below:

  1. Tiger print
  2. Floral Print
  3. Black Mamba
  4. Anaconda Print
  5. Holographic Print etc.

Uses of foil Leather:

Nowadays, this leather is using everywhere. Especially, celebrity designers are using them for their luxurious clothing and accessories. And celebrities are using them frequently. Rather than that, they are also using highly on ladies items like exotic party shoes, Party bags, and purses, fancy skirts, and jackets as well.

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