List of Footwear Company in Bangladesh

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The highlights of Footwear Company in Bangladesh:

At present, List of Footwear Company in Bangladesh is a common query from around the world. Because of the news of Chinese footwear industry is now moving their interest from footwear manufacturing. Especially, this news changes the dynamics of footwear industry cause they are leading this industry. And from here a great opportunity peeps on the mind of Bangladeshi Footwear Industry. Meanwhile, Bangladeshi Government takes footwear sector as their most priority sector. According to the  Commerce Minister, the footwear industry contributes around 1.54 percent of the country’s total export earnings. Along with an average yearly growth of around 29.8 percent during the last five years. As per our  Commerce Minister, Mr. Tofail Ahmed says that the leather industry is the country’s second-largest export earning sector. With an export volume of US$ 1.3 billion, next to the readymade garments (RMG) sector.

List of Footwear Company in Bangladesh

Currently, Bangladesh’s fares of Leather come to 81 million US dollars in the initial a half year of the current budgetary year (July to December 2017). This speaks to a decay of 29% from the comparable period in the earlier year. Furthermore, the accomplishment of 87% of the vital target settled for the principal semester. Fares of calfskin items nearly achieved the objective for the period (89%). And furthermore, they are steady than the comparative time frame in 2016-2017, achieving 185 million US dollars.

Calfskin footwear trades went up by 9%, achieving 253 million US dollars for a half year time span. While achieving 109% of the objective set for the period for this section. Non-calfskin footwear additionally enrolled a decent execution in the period totaling 108 million US dollars of fares. Especially, 104% of the objective and expanding by 6% from the comparable period in the earlier year.

Government Initiatives for Footwear Company in Bangladesh:

Our Commerce Minister says the government has considered the emerging sector as a priority one in the 7th Five-Year Plan. The Prime Minister has declared leather, leather goods, and footwear as the product of the year in 2017.

“If everything goes well, by the 50th anniversary of our country’s independence in 2021, we will be able to earn $ 60 billion from export, of which $ 5.0 billion will come from the leather industry.”

Addressing the foreign investors, he said if any foreign company relocates its factory to Bangladesh. And they will enjoy duty- and quota-free market access.It will also be able to repatriate 100 percent of investment and profit anytime, he added. And Mr. Ahmed also said the government has been developing 100 economic zones (EZs), and these will be distributed among the investors of specific countries apart from the local investors.The investors of Japan, China and Singapore have already been awarded separate EZs, he added. As per a report by Technavio USA, the present size of the worldwide cowhide advertise is $ 220 billion, which will progress toward becoming $ 271 billion by 2021.

List of Footwear Company in Bangladesh
Bangladesh Leather Industry at a Glance


Bangladesh has been positioned eighth as far as footwear generation on the planet in 2016.  creating 378 million sets of shoes or 1.6 percent of the aggregate yield, as indicated by World Footwear Yearbook 2017. And Bangladeshi footwear industry is one of the quickest developing on the planet, expanding send out by about 700 percent amid the most recent decade, it noted.

List of Footwear Company in Bangladesh:

List of Footwear Company in Bangladesh is the golden names who turn this footwear industry into a billion dollar industry. Most of them are working their heart out to fulfill the requirements of buyers. And these efforts pay off when they are coming back with their new orders. And the appreciations from around the world boost the confidence to take new challenges and fulfill it with proper dignity. Let’s explore the list of  Footwear Company in Bangladesh according to the member list of LFMEAB  below.

  1.  ABC Footwear Industries Ltd.
  2.  Akij Footwear Ltd.
  3.  Alliance Footwear & Leather Industry Ltd.
  4.  Alpha Sports Gear Bangladesh Ltd.
  5.  Amass Footwear Limited
  6.  Apex Footwear Ltd.
  7.  Apex Leathercraft Fashion and Accessories Ltd.
  8.  ARCOBALENO Footwear Ltd.
  9.  Atlas Footwear Limited
  10.  BM Kings Ltd.
  11.  B.W. International Footwear Ltd.
  13.  BANBIZ (Pvt) Limited
  14.  Bangladesh Exports Ltd.
  15.  Bata Shoe Co. (BD) Ltd.
  16.  Bay Footwear Ltd. (Unit-2)
  17.  Bengal Shoe Industries Ltd.
  18.  Best Leather Company Ltd.
  19.  Blue Ocean Footwear Ltd.
  20.  Confidence Shoes Ltd.
  21.  Cosmic Jute & Leather Industries Ltd.
  22.  Earth Footwear Ltd.
  24.  Edison Footwear limited
  25.  Escort Footwears (BD) Ltd.
  26.  F.B. Footwear Ltd.
  27.  Fengsheng Industrial Co., Ltd
  28.  Feruz Sons & Co.
  29.  Five-R-Footwear Ltd.
  30.  Footbed Footwear Ltd.
  31.  FOOTFASHION Leathertech Limited
  33.  Full Ever International Ltd
  34.  Global Shoes Ltd
  35.  Golden Akij Shoes Ltd
  36.  H.N. Shoes Ltd.
  37.  Ha-Mim Footwear Ltd
  38.  Hamko Leathers Limited
  39.  Holmewood Ltd.
  40.  Iqra Footwear Industries Ltd.
  41.  Italy Footwear Limited
  42.  Jennys Shoes Ltd.
  43.  Jihan Footwear (Pvt) Ltd.
  44.  Lalmai Footwear Ltd.
  45.  Landmark Footwear Ltd.
  46.  Leatherex Footwear Industries Limited
  47.  Longla Leatherex Limited
  48.  Maf Shoes Ltd.
  49.  Malim (BD) Co. Ltd.
  50.  Megumi Footwear Limited
  51. Mehmood Footwear Ltd.
  52.  Mynote Private Limited
  53.  Nur- Al alam Footwear Industries Ltd.
  54.  Pacific Footwear Industries Limited
  55.  Palmy Shoes Ltd.
  56.  Panda Shoes Industry Ltd.
  57.  Paruma Shoe Limited
  58.  Patenga Footwear (Pvt.) Ltd.
  59.  Pexim Leather Ltd.
  60.  Phulhar Footwear Ltd.
  61.  Posh Footwear & Craft Ltd.
  62.  Premier Footwear Ltd.
  63.  Raj-Kamal Everbest Corp. Ltd.
  64.  Rhivaan Footwear & Leather craft Ltd.
  65.  Rifa Enterprise
  66.  Rimex Footwear Ltd.
  67.  Riyadh Trading Limited
  68.  RJM Footwear Limited
  69.  Rong Da International Enterprise Ltd
  70.  Royal Footwear Limited
  71.  Royal Shoes
  72.  RTL Footwear Ltd.
  73.  Scarpe E Moda Ltd.
  74.  Shampan Shoes Ltd.
  75.  Shilpi Footwear Industries Ltd.
  76.  Shoeniverse Footwear Ltd.
  77.  Smart Walk
  78.  Suki Shoe Industry Ltd.
  79.  T.K. Footwear Ltd.
  80.  The Shoemakers Limited
  82.  Tropical Shoes Ind. Ltd.
  83.  Try On Shoe Material Bd Limited
  84.  Uniworld Footwear Technology Ltd.
  85.  VIG Crafts & Products Co. Ltd.
  86.  Zeil Wears Limited

These 86 Footwear Manufacturers who are working hard for the Global market. As of now, Bangladesh trades footwear to more than 50 nations, including the EU, China, Japan, Korea, Canada and North America. The EU is the biggest fare goal of Bangladesh’s footwear industry. What’s more, the lion’s share of calfskin (54 percent) is sent out to the EU showcase.

As per the Euro screen, just 4 EU nations (Germany, France, Joined Kingdom, Italy) are the best 10 worldwide footwear markets. Industry insiders stated, to pick up a more prominent offer of the segment, Bangladeshi business visionaries should target both set up top markets.

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