Bangladeshi Leather Company

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Bangladeshi leather company has a bright future in recent according to the experts of the leather industries. Though many infrastructural and technological problem Bangladesh has achieved the second position on the quality of material after the French. Let’s find out the reasons why Bangladeshi leather is popular around the world. These four reasons are behind the success. Here they are below

  1.  High qualities of fine grain
  2.  The uniform fiber structure
  3.  Smooth feel and
  4.  Natural texture.

As we all know that the leather industry is one of the oldest industries in Bangladesh. And this industry plays a significant role in the national economy with a good reputation worldwide. In recent, leather industry ranks second in terms of earning foreign exchange next to Ready Made Garments. As a result, The Ministry of Industry(Government of Bangladesh) has declared it as a priority sector.

Old Days of Bangladeshi leather company and Industry:

As per Wikipedia, the main tannery in Bangladesh domain was set up at Narayanganj by RP Saha in 1940. It was later moving to Hazaribagh zone of Dhaka. At that point, it transforms into an area where now suits an extensive number of tannery units.

Around 1970 the Cowhide Business created in Bangladesh on a substantial scale premise. Just about 95% of leather and leather goods results of Bangladesh are sending out in abroad. Pulverized cowhide, completed calfskin, calfskin pieces of clothing, and footwear are the best need. Most cowhide and calfskin merchandise are fare to Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, Spain, Russia, Brazil, Japan, China, Singapore and Taiwan. Esteem expansion in these fares midpoints 85% neighborhood and 15% outside.

More than 100 modern tannery units are currently in the task in the business. And the most part in the Hazaribagh region of Dhaka city. In 1998, the segment sent out 178 million sq ft of calfskin and earned $160 million. The custom of sympathetic care of household creatures additionally contributes essentially to keeping the calfskin quality high. Particularly, the dark goatskin of Kushtia is especially noted for its fine grain structure and rigidity.

According to Leather Bulletin, about 40% of the supply of hide and skin comes from animals slaughtered during the annual Muslim festival of Eid-ul-Adha. In addition to daily consumption of meat, festivals, Muslim weddings, and other celebrations yield a substantial supply of hide and skin. The tanning industry got a big boost following the government decision to promote more value addition in exports. The installed capacity for crust leather production increased. At present, it is double the domestic supply of rawhide and skin. Investments are also made in installing new finishing capacity. The trends encourage more tanneries to produce finished leather on a commercial basis.

Present Days of Bangladeshi leather company and Industry:

In recent, there are around 220 tannery units in Bangladesh and they utilize locally accessible crude covers up and skins. Of them, 114 are huge and medium units (by nearby measures) and are enrolled with the Directorate of Industries. Others are for the most part of little and bungalow write and are not on the enlist of the administration. Over 150 tannery units are at Hazaribag of Dhaka in just 50 acres of land popularly known as tannery estate.

Bangladeshi Leather Company
A pile of finished leather


As per the records of the Bangladesh Tanners Association, around 3,000 specialists are working in the tanning business. Plus, there are around 100 qualified technologists including remote nationals who are working in various tanneries. Add up to capital put resources into the tannery business is evaluated at Tk 2.5 billion, of which government/bank fund is about Tk. 1.2 billion. Around 1,500 people are working in the way toward gathering crude covers up and skins and also making them accessible at tannery units. Around 100 associations import chemicals for use in tannery industry. Bangladesh creates roughly 100-150 million sq feet of crude covers up and skins. And then around 85% of which is sent out in the hull and completed frame. Especially the rest use for delivering calfskin merchandise to take into account the household showcase.

Women Workers are working in Bangladeshi Leather Company
Women Workers are working


The movement of tanneries in Hazaribagh to Savar will end by this year. The migration work is going ahead going all out and 20 industrial facilities have effectively finished development of their new premises. The advance is easing back because of the deficiency of reserve. It will cost about Tk6,000 crore to migrate the processing plants and to begin creating in the new foundation.

The Ministry of Industries chose to move the tannery manufacturing plants from their present area in the capital’s Hazaribagh region in the midst of weight from the rights gathering, natural activists and purchasers worried about its dangerous impacts on the general wellbeing and condition. It allotted plots to 155 tannery proprietors through Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industry Corporation (BSCIC) at the cowhide modern stop, built upon a 200-section of land arrive in Savar. The administration is preparing the portion plots to whatever remains of the tanneries in Hazaribagh that did not get a place in Savar.

Near Bright Future of  Bangladeshi Leather Company:

It is remarkable that China, the world’s biggest footwear maker. At present they are pulling back from the worldwide calfskin products showcase. In addition to Bangladesh is preparing with tremendous possibilities to draw in remote interests on the part. As we see many news and reports on this specific topics. On this reports, we see it clearly that China’s yearly calfskin footwear creation drops by 5.29 percent in 2012. And the second year it drops 7.45 percent in 2013. These drops move China’s concentration from footwear industry. And it creates a great opportunity for Bangladesh Footwear Industry. Then Bangladesh Footwear & Footwear Adornments Affiliation (BFFAA) said that work cost in China crosses tolerable limit. In conclusion, the Bangladeshi makers are seeing brighter prospects for the calfskin segment after the readymade article of the clothing industry. As a result of a strategic move in China creates new hope to Bangladeshi.

Nation’s calfskin industry is confronting various issues. The tanneries of Hazaribagh territory in the capital is now on shifting to Savar.  And Savar is the place where tanneries will get better facilities and space for mass production.

So, it is obvious that Bangladeshi Leather Company has bright future. But it is us who needs to make it happen for us. There are many points that we have the advantage and there are also few disadvantages as well. Most of all our problems are basically technological and strategical. If we overcome those then we can achieve our goal properly.


  • Leather Goods & Footwear Manufacturers & Exporters Association of Bangladesh.

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