Leather and Footwear Fair in Bangladesh

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Leather and Footwear Fair in Bangladesh is first introduced in 2017. Though it is already a popular event worldwide in the leather industry. But in Bangladesh, it is a brand new event to organize publically. There was a ton of thoughts before organizing this mega-events. Gradually, it really comes with a very successful outcome. And now we can see that the fair is organizing once again in 2018. And the event location is also same with 3  days duration as well. So, let’s explore what we get from the Leather and Footwear Fair in Bangladesh 2017.

An Overview of Leather and Footwear Fair in Bangladesh 2017:

If we want a quick overview of what happens in Leather and Footwear Fair in Bangladesh then we can start over here.  Actually, the main event is planning for a 3 days exhibition of leather, leather goods, and footwear sector. And this event introduces as ”LeatherTech Bangladesh 2017″. The aim of this eventful exhibition is to bring global technologies to the doorsteps of Bangladesh for growing further. Especially, for the local industry owners and associates who are making strategies to grow their business. And this decision is a remarkable effort for the future of Bangladeshi Leather Companies And Tanneries. However, this Business Minister Tofail Ahmed introduced the display composed by ASK Trade and Exhibitions Pvt Ltd at International Convention City, Bashundhara (ICCB).

Leathergoods and Footwear Manufacturers and Exporters of Bangladesh (LFMEAB) president Saiful Islam, Center of Excellence for Leather Skill Bangladesh Ltd (COEL) activities head Kazi Roushan Ara and ASK Trade and Exhibition Pvt Ltd chiefs Tipu Sultan and Nanda Gopal K are additionally present on the event.

Leather and Footwear Fair in Bangladesh 2017 photo
Leather and Footwear Fair in Bangladesh 2017


Around 250 exhibitors from 15 nations are involved in the Exhibition. Including China, India, Turkey, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Italy, Singapore, Japan, Germany, the UK, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea and host Bangladesh are taking an interest in the presentation. Machinery for tanning leather, manufacturing footwear and leather goods along with other components like dyes and chemicals, accessories and allied products will be available in the show.

Achievements From The  Leather and Footwear Fair in Bangladesh 2017:

According to the LeatherTech Bangladesh, total 7975 business visitors from all sector of the industry visit the Expo. Mainly, footwear manufacturers & exporters, Tanners, Leather Goods Manufacturers, and exporters are also visiting the Expo. Besides them,  Buying offices, Designers, and Government  Agencies, Students, General People also pay a deep attention to the Expo. Let’s find out some more specific news from the event.

## Overview of Fair:

In specific, the fair really pays off because of this state we share here below:

  • Number of Hall  4
  • Number of Participant 15 countries
  • Total Exhibitors 250
  • Number of Booths 500


##Participant Ratio By Business Category:

So, the overall impact of Leather and Footwear Fair in Bangladesh is quite notable. By the business category, the whole expo considers a great involving environment with 500 stalls. In here, we will see the business participation by category. Let’s find out the zest below:

  • Footwear Manufacturers 31%
  • Leather Goods Manufacturers 20%
  • Tanners 16%
  • Finished Leather Exporters 12%
  • New Investors 9%
  • Importers 5%
  • Designers 4%
  • Governmental Agency 3%

##Presence of Visitors:

As per the LeatherTech Bangladesh, there is a good crowd in the Expo. On the first day, 2436 visitors visit the exhibition. Then the second day 2819 Visitors are there. And last day 2720 visitors are present here.

##Visitors Opinions of the Fair:

As we early mention that Leather and Footwear Fair in Bangladesh is totally a new concept. And the best part was the execution of the grand fair for the visitors. Throughout the three days, visitors were gathering here and check out most of the stalls. when we will see the visitors opinion we can see the acceptance of the fair very clearly. But our organizers arrange a tremendous way to verifying the visitor’s testimony.  According to the visitor’s opinion,

  • Firstly, 54% says that Better Than Expected
  • 31% says As Expected
  • 10% says Can Be Better
  • And 5% says No Comment

##Purpose of Visitors for the Fair:

  • Firstly, 38% visits for Buying Machinery.
  • 28% visits for Buying Components.
  • 22% visits for Sourcing Accessories.
  • And the rest 13% visits for Getting information.

In the end, we can easily see that these stats are the proof of the success of this mega fair. From nowhere it becomes the viral event in Bangladesh. And now it is an upcoming event in July 2018. Let’s find out the upcoming event in below.

Leather and Footwear Fair in Bangladesh 2017 Chinese Stall
Chinese Stall of Pu Leather

Update of Leather and Footwear Fair in Bangladesh 2018:

Basically, Leather and Footwear Fair in Bangladesh 2018 is a platform for the International and Domestic Buyers, Manufacturers & Distributors. In here, they can showcase their latest products and services to the Tanning & Finished Leather, Footwear & Leather Goods manufacturing industries in Bangladesh. The Leather and Footwear Fair in Bangladesh is going to be held on 26-28 July 2018 at Bashundhara Convention Center, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Product List of the Exhibitors:

First of all, this fair is all about the leather Industry of Bangladesh. So. the exhibitor’s products have a huge variety. Let’s explore the products list  below:

  •  Automation System,
  • Machinery & Accessories,
  • Creasing,
  • Cutting & Laying Machinery,
  • Unit Production System,
  • Finishing,
  • Fusing,
  • Pressing,
  • Ironing & Steaming Equipments,
  • Sewing Machinery,
  • Pocket Welting Machinery,
  • Testing Equipment & Controls,
  • Embroidery Equipment,
  • Boilers,
  • Sewing Machine Attachments & Parts,
  • Sewing Machine,
  • Motors,
  • Felting Needles,
  • Sewing Threads & Needles,
  • Sealing Machinery,
  • Chemicals & Dyes,
  • Storage & Transport Equipment,
  • Spreading\Winding Machinery,
  • Drive & Control Systems,
  • Inspecting Measuring & Folding Machinery,
  • Knives,
  • Scissors & Grinding Machinery,
  • Labeling Machinery,
  • Heat Transfer Equipment,
  • Fastening Machines,
  • Laundry Equipment,
  • Knitwear Equipment & Machinery,
  • Bleaching & Washing Machinery,
  • The software’s for Design,
  • Data Monitoring & Processing,
  • Packaging Machinery,
  • Embroidery & Quilting Machinery,
  • Over Seaming Machinery,
  • Generators,
  • WTP/ETP,
  • Industrial Safety & Security Products.

Expected Visitor Profile:

The fair expects visitors like  footwear manufacturers & exporters, Tanners, Leather Goods Manufacturers, Garment Manufacturers, Knitwear Manufacturers, Textile Manufacturers, Design Studios & Institutes, Apparel Brands & Labels, Laundry Operators & Dry Cleaners, Buying House/Buying Agent, Garment & Textile Machinery Importers & Exporters, Fashion Designers & Merchandisers, Trade Body Representatives, Trade Media and much more.

In the Conclusion:

However, Leather and Footwear Fair in Bangladesh is now a popular event. Cause it is organizing 2nd time after the immediate success of the first Leather and Footwear Fair in Bangladesh 2017. And the fair is happening at the same place of International Convention City, Bashundhara Dhaka. And it will be a three-day event starting from  November 22 to November 24. So,  we are now waiting for exploring the fair of 2018.


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